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The Most Hassle-Free Software for Residential Appraising.

ClickFORMS™ is the only real estate appraisal software that delivers productivity right out of the box. It is the fastest to learn and the easiest to use, and integrates with all of your favorite applications and lender networks.


Support Your Adjustments Using Accepted Methodologies.

Appraisers are being tasked with providing even greater detail and analytical support for their adjustments and comparable selection. Your local market experience and knowledge are invaluable to providing a thorough analysis, but lenders are demanding greater transparency and repeatable results using accepted methodologies — Redstone™ was developed specifically to address these challenges.

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Explore the many benefits of becoming an AppraisalWorld member.  Gain exclusive access to ClickFORMS, the hassle-free software that thousands of appraisers use every day,  and CompCruncher, the computer-aided appraisal software that produces a statistically supported valuation in significantly less time.

Find out how your listing in the AppraisalWorld Directory can give your business exposure with an online business card and show off your credentials and work history to AMCs and Lenders nationwide.  Our AppraisalWorld members also  have exclusive access to our AMC Directory that can help you find new clients.

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Increased Productivity - No Form Filling

Learn how CompCruncher's Virtual Assistant Technology can Help You Become More Productive.

CompCruncher’s innovative approach to the appraisal process has resulted in a highly efficient workflow that produces a statistically supported valuation in significantly less time. From start to finish, the process is intuitive and comprehensive. CompCruncher gathers data for you and presents it in an easy-to-understand format so you can focus on the analysis. A sophisticated comparable property identifier combines information, aerial images and proximity maps to assist you in quickly selecting appropriate comps.

CompCruncher’s graphically rich and statistically supported addendums not only work to substantiate your appraisal, but also provide a competitive advantage and value to your reports that no other appraisal software can. So whether you’re an independent appraiser or an Appraisal Management Company, it’s easy to see the value in providing a CompCruncher valuation report.

Statistically Supported Appraisals Provide Your Valuation

Greater Accuracy and Transparency Lender’s Want

Turns Data Into Powerful Visual Information for Easy Analysis.

Automatically Build Reports with a Click.

Easily Produce UAD Compliant 1004 and 2055 Appraisals.

Integrate Regression Analysis to Support Your Valuations.

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