We've simplified our sign-up process. Everything you need to sign-up for AppraisalWorld and Redstone as well as purchase our 10 for $10 Starter Package or Personalized MLS setup for Redstone can be completed in about a minute. Click to sign-up and download Redstone.


  video: How to setup your MLS Export

This video will guide you through the steps to select the fields from your MLS that are to be used in REDSTONE . The video then demonstrates how to create and save your custom export.  NOTE: Video instructions reference our CompCruncher software, however, the procedure for Redstone is the same.

A short list of MLS Systems have a default "AppraisalWorld" export that is already set up in their system for their members so they do not have to set up a custom export. Click here to view the list of MLSs that have the "AppraisalWorld" export. If your MLS is listed, you DO NOT need to watch the MLS Export Setup video or purchase the MLS Mapping Concierge Service.


You have a few options to setup your MLS export:

Option 1: DIY:

Request an MLS Export Guide and Field List from our MLS Support team at support@appraisalworld.com.  You will need to provide the following information in your email:

Name of your Real Estate Association of Realtors, Board of Realtors or Realtor Association:  Eg., High Valley Association of Realtors.

Name of your MLS System: Eg., MRED, ProMLSListings, CT Real, Heartland MLS, Valley (AOR) MLS

Name of your MLS's software provider: Eg., FlexMLS, Rappatoni, Navica, Paragon, Matrix Fusion, MLXChange

Option 2: DIY + Help:

Contact your MLS Provider's Technical Support team for assistance.  They will need a copy of the field list we have emailed to you from Option 1 above.

Option 3: Help from Bradford Technologies:

One of our Technical Support Specialist will guide you through setting up your custom export at our discounted price of $49 (normally $99). To purchase the MLS Setup:

Click on the shopping cart (Store) in the My Services tab:

  Login to AppraisalWorld's My Office:

Scroll down to the Productivity Tools (2nd section).  At the bottom of the Productivity Tool's list, check the "Add to cart" box for Personalized MLS Mapping:

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen. On the Right side, click the "Add Checked Items to Cart".

Complete your Personalized MLS Mapping purchase. You will receive an email with instructions to schedule your MLS Setup appointment.

(Also available in the AppraisalWorld sign-up process in step 1 above):

How to TEST your MLS export in Redstone:

To test your MLS export, use the "Check MLS Data Import" function from the Tutorials menu in Redstone.  Login with your AppraisalWorld ID and password.  Next, you will be prompted to select your State and MLS Name. Select the export file you exported from your MLS.  You will be notified of any "Missing Fields" you did not setup in your MLS Data custom export.  If you do not see any "Missing Fields", you can continue. If you see any missing fields in the MLS Compliance Review Screen, please go back to your MLS and add those fields.

At the MLS Compliance Review screen, look for any abnormalities in your MLS Data.  REDSTONE allows you to correct the MLS data and remembers your corrections anytime you upload data from the same MLS.


Since you are in test mode, your data will NOT be saved even if the close button implies the data will be saved.  Data is ALWAYS saved when working on an appraisal report.

Recommended: Use the Step-by-step video along side with a Practice Property located in the
Redstone Software under the Tutorial menu.


Required: Windows®  7 or newer Operating System

Required: At least 4GB of RAM

Required: At least 250MB of free disk space

Required: 1280 x 800 screen resolution

Required: Internet Explorer 10 or newer browser
Required: High speed internet connection


MAC (even running Parallels® or Boot Camp®) not supported


Running ClickFORMS on anything less than our minimum requirements may result in unexpected and unsupported issues.


For assistance with REDSTONE or joining AppraisalWorld, contact our Technical Support team at support@AppraisalWorld.com
or call 866-445-8367.

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