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    *Appraisers that have completed the "Coverage/MLS Area form" are automatically signed up with AppraisalWorld and have received their AppraisalWorld login information. If you need us to resend your user name and password, please send a request to to and click the “Join Today” link located at the top, right side of the screen..

    IMPORTANT:  When signing up for AppraisalWorld Membership, you will be required to enter your Credit Card information as part of our system requirements. Please note, you will not be charged for completing an ISGN Restricted Desktop Appraisal report. However if you choose to complete another type of report in CompCruncher, eg., CVR, 1004S, Southwest, etc, your credit card will be charged.


    Download the CompCruncher Highlights document for IMPORTANT information you will need to create an ISGN Restricted Desktop Appraisal.  This document contains the ISGN password and other details to help you work through your report with minimal interruptions.

    CompCruncher Highlights


    Click the Download CompCruncher icon and save the file to your desktop.  When download is completed, double-click the CompCruncher install file to install the software.

    System Requirements

    Required: Internet Explorer® 7 or newer,
    Required: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

    Required: Internet connection with DSL, Cable, or faster

    Minimum: Pentium® class 1.2GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM

    Your PC must have My Documents folder on your local C: drive

    MAC (even running Parallels® or Boot Camp®) not supported


    Video: MLS Export Setup

    This video will guide you through the steps to select the fields from your MLS that are to be used in CompCruncher, then demonstrates how to create and save your custom export.

    Option 1: DIY:


    Name of your Real Estate Association of Realtors, Board of Realtors or Realtor Association:
    Eg., High Valley Association of Realtors.

    Name of your MLS System: Eg., MRED, ProMLSListings, CT Real, Heartland MLS, Valley (AOR) MLS

    Name of your MLS's software provider: Eg., FlexMLS, Rappatoni, Navica, Paragon, Matrix Fusion, MLXChange

    Option 2: DIY + Help:

    Contact your MLS Provider's Technical Support team for assistance.  They will need a copy of the field list we have emailed to you.

    Option 3: Help from Bradford Technologies:

    One of our Technical Support Specialist can set up your custom export for you at our discounted price of $49 (normally $99). To purchase the MLS Setup, login to AppraisalWorld's My Office and click on the shopping cart in the My Services tab:

    In the lower left hand corner, under Concierge Services, click on MLS Mapping:

    Complete your Personalized MLS Mapping purchase. You will receive an email with instructions to schedule your MLS Setup appointment.

    Video: Test Your MLS Data in CompCruncher

    This video will show you how to test your MLS data in CompCruncher.

    You will use the "Test MLS" function from the Tutorial menu in CompCruncher and will be asked to select your State and MLS Name.

    Then you will import your MLS Export file into CompCruncher. You will be notified of any
    "Missing Fields" you did not setup in your MLS Data custom export.  If you do not see any "Missing Fields", you can continue.

    At the MLS Compliance Review Screen, look for any abnormalities in your MLS Data.  CompCruncher is capable of correcting the data per your instructions and remembering your corrections anytime you upload data from the same MLS.


    Since you are in test mode, your data will NOT be saved even if the close button implies the data will be saved.  Corrected data is ALWAYS saved when working on an appraisal report.

    CT Real (Connecticut Statewide MLS) and Consolidated MLS Users ONLY - Follow the MLS instructions below:

    IMPORTANT: Download the Matrix Export Setup Guide with the accompanying CompCruncher Field List for your specific MLS.  These documents will guide you through setting up your custom export in your MLS.

    Download AppraisalWorld's MLS Matrix User Guide:
    Screen shots are from a Matrix system with a different color scheme.




    Matrix Export Setup Guide


    Download AppraisalWorld's CompCruncher Field List:
    Use these field lists to select the correct fields in your MLS when setting up your custom export. Note: Each Field List is for a specific MLS System.  CT Real has two separate field lists, one for RESI listings and a separate one for CONDO listings.

    CT Real - Matrix - Residential Field List                 CT Real - Matrix - Condominium Field List

    Consolidated MLS - CMLS Field List

    Call your MLS provider's support if you need further assistance to set up your custom CompCruncher export. You will need to provide them with the correct CompCruncher field list above.

    If you wish to have an AppraisalWorld technical specialist set up your custom export, there is a $99 charge per export setup.  Call a sales representative at 1-800-622-8727 x301 to set up an appointment.


    Video: Setup your Digital Signature in CompCruncher

    This video will show you how to setup your signature in CompCruncher.



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