eAppraisal Reports with eAMC

How to Create an eAppraisal Report in CompCruncher


The eAppraisal report is a new desktop product that uses statistical analysis and CompCruncher's Computer-Aided Appraising Technology to quickly and accurately complete a valuation report. Use CompCruncher's tools to get you to the analysis, quicker.

The eAppraisal Report will create new opportunities for appraisers.  It uses the latest in Computer-Aided Appraising technology to help you gather market data and quickly analyze the information to form your opinion.  The resulting appraiser produced report is a highly accurate, and statistically supported valuation.

  The software you will use to produce these reports is free as is the training resources and support.

  You do not have to switch from your current form filing software.

  There is NO cost to you to produce an eAppraisal report for eAMC.

  Getting setup and prepared to produce an eAppraisal report can be done in a few hours.

Click Here to see the webinar video in full screen.


Join AppraisalWorld

If you have not joined AppraisalWorld*, go to and click “Join Today” located at the top, right side of the screen.

*Appraisers that have completed the "Coverage/MLS Area form" are automatically signed up with AppraisalWorld and have received their AppraisalWorld login information. If you need us to resend your user name and password, please send a request to


Download CompCruncher

When you first sign in to AppraisalWorld, you will see the "My Office" page. My Office is where you will access all your tools and services in AppraisalWorld. For more information on AppraisalWorld Tools, click here.

Within the "My Office" home page, click the Download CompCruncher icon to install the software.


MLS Export Setup

MLS Export Setup Video (click here)
This video will guide you through the steps to select the fields from your MLS that are to be used in CompCruncher, then demonstrate to you how to create and save your custom export.

For a copy of your MLS Export setup instructions and a CompCruncher field list, email In the body of your email, please provide the your state, name of your MLS and real estate board and your contact phone number.

Call your MLS provider's support if you need further assistance to set up your custom CompCruncher export. You will need to provide them with a CompCruncher field list. To obtain the CompCruncher field list, follow the instructions above.

If you wish to have an AppraisalWorld technical specialist guide you through the set up process, there is a $49 charge per export setup.  Call a sales representative at 1-800-622-8727 to set up an appointment.

Some MLS Systems have a default "AppraisalWorld" export that is already set up in their system for their members so they do not have to set up a custom export. Click here to view the list of MLSs that have the "AppraisalWorld" export. If your MLS is listed, you DO NOT need to watch the MLS Export Setup video.


How to Test Your MLS Data Video (click here)
This video will show you how to test your MLS data to ensure you have all the necessary MLS fields so that your MLS will work seamlessly with CompCruncher.

Signature Setup Video (click here)
This video will show you how to setup your signature in CompCruncher.



Practice with sample properties-accessible from the CompCruncher top menu bar:
Help ->Practice

Become comfortable with CompCruncher's workflow.


Join eAMC's panel by clicking here.

You will need the following information to sign up:

  E&O Per Claim Amount $
  E&O Per Aggregate Amount $
  E&O Expiration Date
  E&O Carrier Name
  Your Appraisal License


Tell us your MLS Coverage Area


Need Additional Help?

Downloadabe (PDF) help documents:

Starting an eAppraisal Order

How to Set Up Your Signature File

For assistance with CompCruncher or joining AppraisalWorld, contact our Concierge Technical Support team at or call 866-445-8367.

For assistance with joining the eAMC panel: Call 800-279-6531 or send an email to

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