Appraiser Directory and Ranking







Work History
The appraiser's work history and experience are combined to create a Geo-spatial map of their valuation experience.

Cluster Analysis
Using our specialized, Geo-spatial cluster analysis, the appraiser's areas of expertise are analyzed relative to the subject property.

GEAR Score
The appraiser with the most relevant experience to the subject property is ranked the highest - not the one who paid the most for the top spot on on the directory listing.


Appraiser Ranking by Geographic Experience

AppraisalWorld can enhance your vendor selection process by adding a Geographic Experience Activity Ranking (GEAR™) that is relative to the subject property to be appraised. This is a unique process that is not meant to replace the selection process, but to augment it. Appraisers within your fee panel will be ranked relative to the subject property. In addition, the top five appraisers not in your fee panel, but with a higher GEAR Score, will be provided in the event that you wish to use an appraiser with more geographic appraisal experience in that neighborhood.

Appraiser Credential Management








Store, Evaluate and Review Credential

AppraisalWorld can store appraisers’ credentials online (appraisal license(s), E&O certificate; sample reports, specialties, etc.) in a structured format for fast, efficient evaluation of the appraiser. With the click of a link, you’ll have access to review their credentials.


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